Collective domain invoicing

The collective domain invoicing service is a part of the Webglobe Reseller Program. With it’s activation, all domain services, i. e. registration, renewal, transfers will take place automatically immediately and will subsequently be invoiced retroactively at the beginning of the following month, on 1 invoice.

How to set up automatic domain renewal

For automatic domain renewal you the auto-invoicing must enabled in Webglobe Admin in the Billing → Service Overview section

How to set the domain not to be renewed in the future

Turn off auto-invoicing in Webglobe Admin, under the customer account in the section Billing → Service Overview. The auto-invoicing has to be turned off in advance, min. 30 days before domain expiration, or before its automatic renewal for another period.

How to renew the domain manually

To be able to renew your domain manually at any time, turn off auto-invoicing in Webglobe Admin, in the Billing → Service Overview section. The order will go through and we will invoice the service at the beginning of the following month.

Do not forget that when auto-invoicing is turned off, the system will not renew the domain, and if it is not renewed manually, then the domain will expire and you may loose it.

Will I receive any notification if I turn off auto-invoicing?

Yes, 60 days before the expiration, you will receive an alert via e‑mail, informing you about the impending expiration date.

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